SJF Cleantech Mentorship Program

Program Overview
The SJF Cleantech Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity for cleantech entrepreneurs across the Northern and Southern Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Appalachia region to accelerate the growth of their companies by engaging with a nationwide network of experienced entrepreneurial and industry leaders. The program aims to provide cleantech entrepreneurs, across a range of geographies, access to resources, connections and the support needed to address the business challenges they face.

Why Be a Mentor?
Join a select group of seasoned professionals who are using their business skills to give back and help cleantech entrepreneurs grow their businesses. In addition, the SJF Cleantech Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity to increase your cleantech industry exposure, network with other cleantech professionals, and gain access to SJF's cleantech business network. 

Mentor Expectations
All mentors have the potential to be matched with at least one SJF Cleantech Mentorship Entrepreneur. Due to the rolling admission of companies and the specific needs of each entrepreneur, not all Mentors may be matched initially and some Mentors may have more than one matched Entrepreneur. Mentors are expected to gain a deep understanding of the entrepreneur's business and be available for guidance and feedback as needed throughout the year. 

There are two ways to engage with the SJF Cleantech Mentorship Program. Mentors may be based anywhere in the United States with the option of serving entrepreneurs enrolled in either geographic-specific program. Mentors in both programs should expect to donate between two to four hours per month of their time.

Entrepreneurs Based in Northern Mid-Atlantic/New York City Metro

  • All NYC Mentors will be matched with entrepreneurs based on their expertise, the entrepreneur's strategic needs and proximity to one another.
  • Mentors are expected to meet by phone or in person with their assigned entrepreneur monthly for at least an hour, preferably in person.
  • Mentors should also plan to attend and potentially lead at least one of the four Entrepreneur Roundtable Sessions in NYC in 2011. Ability to travel to NYC should be considered

Entrepreneurs Based in Southeast/Appalachia

  • Mentors will provide guidance, feedback, resources and connections to a group of entrepreneurs mostly through virtual interactions in an online community that is facilitated by SJF staff.
  • Provide content and be a featured speaker for one business topic discussion and/or webinar in 2011. These content discussions will be organized every four to six weeks. Ideas include: Capital Raising, Sales & Marketing, Recruitment and Employee Engagement, Policy and Regulatory Environment, etc.
  • For those matched with entrepreneurs, Mentors are strongly encouraged to meet with entrepreneurs in person at least once during the year. SJF Institute events in NYC and Raleigh-Durham, NC can serve this purpose.

Eligibility and Application

  • Seasoned, senior-level business professionals with active business networks
  • Substantial management or business ownership experience
  • Entrepreneurial experience is preferred, but not required
  • Cleantech industry experience is helpful, but not required

Mentors will be accepted on a rolling basis based on their expertise and fit with the targeted entrepreneurs' strategic needs.

Please see the application here >>

Email mentorship [at] sjfinstitute [dot] org with any questions.

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